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What is advantages of Business Meeting?

Advantages of Business Meeting

Briefly discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Business Meeting
Hello guys here you will get Advantages and Disadvantages of Business Meeting. At first given below Advantage of Business Communication.

Advantages of Business Communication:
Meetings are considered as an useful tool for exchanging ideas, on a specific matter. In the words of Thill and Bovee “at their best, meetings can be an extremely useful forum for making key decisions and co-ordination the activates of people and departments. “ Advantages or importance of a meeting are as follows:
Sharing information:
Through meetings executives of different departments of a company can share information on a particular issue, in a face to face situation.

Problem solving:
Meetings also help to find out ways to solve problems. Opinions of the participants assist to form a suitable means of solving the problem.

Ensure co-ordination:
Meeting is a forum where executives and employee of different departments can get together and share their own views. This process ensures co-ordination among different departments of a company.

Assist decision making:
One o f the major advantages of meetings is it assists decision making.

Better acceptance of decision:
As meetings ensure the participation of employees and executives of different departments, thus the taken decisions are likely to be easily accepted by all.

Advantages of Business Meeting?

Disadvantages of Business Communication:
At their worst, meetings are unproductive and frustrating (Thill and Bovee 1996: 435). The common disadvantages of a meeting are as follows:

Waste of time:
If the meeting failed to achieve its objective(s) then it is nothing but waste of time.
Another drawback of meetings is they are expensive.
Poor meetings may actually be counterproductive, because they may result in bad decisions. When people are pressured to conform, they abandon their sense of personal responsibility and agree to ill-founded plans. (Thill and Bovee 1996: 435.)

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