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Types of Resume

Types of Resume

Hello dear friends here you will get Different formats or types of Resume, Types of C.V, Types of Bio-Data. I hope you will get advantage from here.
A CV can be organize or prepared by following different styles. Selection of a particular style of developing CV depends on the background and goals of the candidate.
CV can be of three types:

Types of Resume

1. Chronological Resume:
This is a historical summary of an individual’s education and job experience.
Here and individuals job experience is listed in reverse order, that is mentioning of job experience starts with the most recent experience. Educational qualification also presented in a reverse chronological order.

Applicable Situation:
Chronological resume is applicable in the following situations:
i. When last employer is well known
ii. When job history shows upward trained in position
iii. When individual want to continue in the same profession
Chronological approach is especially appropriate if an individual has a strong employment history.

2. Functional Resume:
Functional resume give emphasis on the areas of competence of an individual. This is useful for candidates who are just entering in the job market.

Applicable situation:
i. When an individual is changing his/her carrier.
ii. When an individual is entering in the job market for the first time.
iii. When past experience is experience is disappointing.

3. Targeted Resume:
A targeted resume shows how an individual qualify for a specific job. That is this type of resume focuses on the abilities of an individual.

Applicable Situation:
i. When a person is clear about his/her job target.
ii. When an individual is aware of his/her abilities.

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