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What is oral Communication?

What is oral Communication?

What do you mean by oral Communication?
Discuss the features / Characteristics of Oral Communication.
Hello dear friends here you will get from Oral Communication that Features of Oral Communication or Characteristics of Oral Communication. I hope that you will get Advantage from Oral Communication.

Expressing or exchanging views with others through words is known as oral communication. Oral communication can be both formal and informal.

In the words of R. Pal and Korlahalli, “ Oral communication includes face to face conversation, conversation over the telephone, radio broadcast, interviews, group discussions, meetings, ----------------------- etc. “

It should be mentioned that ‘listening’ is indispensable part of oral communication. That’s why Pro. Lesikar and Pettit rightly stated that, “ Oral communication also covered listening, which is the other half of all oral communication.

Feature / Characteristics of Oral Communication :
Flexibility :
The main feature of oral communication is, it is more flexible than any other means of communication. Oral communication or oral messages can be changed easily depending on the situation.
Immediate feedback :
Immediate feedback can be received in case of oral communication.
Takes less time :
It takes less time than written communication.
Better understanding :
Another major feature of oral communication is chance of misunderstanding is very rare; if there is any misunderstanding takes place that can be rectified immediately by asking questions.
Opportunity for correction :
In case of written or other communication messages can not be corrected immediately- but in case of oral communication it can be corrected within few seconds.
Intercultural barriers :
In case of oral communication receiver and sender exchange information freely and spontaneously. As a result presentation of message influenced by the cultural background of the respective parties.
Spontaneous :
Oral message can be pre-planed and formal, but in most of the cases oral communication made spontaneously without any planning.
Dependence on non-verbal tools :
This perhaps one of the major features of oral communication. If we think carefully we will be able to realize that oral communication takes the support of non-verbal communication to express the complete meaning.

For example, when we are talking about a good news then we not only express it through words but also express through eye & facial expressions, our tone and body movements also supports us to express the meaning completely.

What is oral Communication?

Fig – 1 : Oral communication’s dependence on non-verbal tools (Source : Ghosal, B, Lecture note).
Even in case of conversation over telephone, Paralanguage or the pattern of voice / tone helps us to convey the meaning clearly.

Dependence on listening : Last but not the least, oral communication completely depends on listening. Without listening we can not even think of oral communication.

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