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What is feedback?

What is feedback?

Hello dear friends here you will get Define feedback,features of feedback,effective feedback,principles of feedback. I hope that you will get benefit from here. Feedback is the final step of communication process. Infect communication loop/cycle completes with the feedback
In words of S.P. Robbins, “Feedback determine whether of not understanding has been achieved”- that is through feedback we can realize whether the message is understood by the receiver or not.
In short feedback is the response of the receiver.

Principles/Features of feedback:
Feedback is essential for the completion of successful communication. Features of effective communication are as follows:

What is feedback?

1. Specific:
Feedback should be specific. Ambiguity or double meaning should be avoided.
2. Clear:
Another important feature of feedback is clearness. That is the response of the receiver must be clear.
3. Immediate:
In case of face to face or oral communication feedback should be given immediately. In case of written communication it should be provided as early as possible.
4. Detail:
feedback should be provided in detail. Short or brief feedback may be misleading, thus it should be detail enough to express the actual view.
5. Complete:
Feedback should be not only detail but also complete. Incomplete feedback is confusing and meaningless.
6. Spontaneous:
Feedback should not be provided just as a part of formality – it should be given spontaneously.
7. Understandable:
an indispensable principle of feedback is it must be easily understandable. For successful completion of communication, feedback needs to be understandable by the sender.

These are the principles of effective feedback which should be followed by a receiver to make the communication successful.

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