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What is communication environment?

What is communication environment?

Hello dear friends here you will get What is communication environment?, Essential factors of communication environment.

In real world situation communication takes place among persons in family, in workplace or in the social gatherings. Infect communication is not an isolated things > it is within us and we are within it. Thus communication is influenced by the surrounding elements, which constitute the communication environment.
In the words of Prof. Lesikar and Pettit, “This is the sensory environment, in which we find ourseves throughout every walking movement.”

Finally it can be stated that, the communication environment includes all the elements by which the communication process is influenced.

Communication environment

The essential factors of communication environment Or, the factors of communication environment
Essential factors of communication environment are as follows:
Two or more persons:
It is the first element of communication environment. To make a communication there must be at least two persons.

Willingness to communicate:
The second most important factor of the communication environment is the willingness of the both parties or all the parties to communicate.

Objectives of communication:
The communication environment also influenced by the objectives or purposes of communication of the all concerned parties.

Media of communication:
selection of media of communication has a strong influence on the communication system.

Response of the receiver (Feedback):
Another indispensable factor of communication is the response of the receiver. Infect without feedback the communication process is not completed.

Where there is communication there must be some barriers. It may be physical, semantic or organizational. Whatever it is, barriers influence the communication environment considerably.

Background of the parties:
Last but not the least, the educational, social and religious backgrounds of the sender and receiver are considered as one of the active factors of communication environment.

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