Friday, December 2, 2011

What is Business Report?

What is Report?

Define Business Report.
Reports are one kind of managerial instruments which used to evaluate a situation. Even in the field of social science reports are basically prepared to explore the unknown and to provide guidelines for solving a problem.

The dictionary meaning of report is, it is a formal statement of the results of an investigation.

Business Report

In the words of Dr. S. M. Aminuzzamn “Report is document in which a given problem is examined for the purpose of conveying information, reporting findings, putting forward ideas, and sometimes making recommendation. “Thus it can be stated that a report is a formal presentation of facts based on investigation which generally provides recommendations.
Business Report:
Business reports are analytical vehicles which help managers in to run the business smoothly. Business reports includes both findings and recommendations.

The basic objective of business report is to help the managers in making decisions.
In the words of Thill and Bovee, “Which business people speak of reports, they are thinking of written, factual accounts that objectively communicate information about some aspects in business.”

Prof. Ricks and Gow said, “A report is a written message presenting information that will help a decision maker to solve a business problem.”

Therefore it can be revealed that business reports are a management tool which enables the managements to solve problems and make effective decisions.

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