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Characteristics of business communication

Characteristics of business communication

Hello dear guys here you will get The characteristics of effective Business communication Or, the essential factors for effective Business communication.
Effective communication is essential for the success of the organization but to ensure effective communication one should consider the following factors:
Correctness is the first quality of effective communication. Wrong messages failed to serve the purpose of communication, thus the sender should aware of the correctness.

Open communication climate:
The communication climate of the organization affects the quality of information. There should be a open communication climate for exchanging views, that is employees should get opportunity to participate in the decision making process.

Meaningful information:
The information or message should be expressed in such a way that the receiver can easily understand.

Characteristics of business communication

Making goodwill:
effective communication should enhance the goodwill of the organization.

Using audience centered approach:
Using an audience centered means keeping your audience in mind at all times when communicating. (Thill and Bovee 1996).

Natural tone:
To ensure erective communication the tone of the message must be natural and sincere. Any kind of artificial tone should be avoided.

Intercultural differences:
Another major factor for effective communication understands the intercultural difference between the sender and the reader.

Clear and completeness:
Messages should be written or presented clearly and completely.

Assuring ethical communication:
ethics are very important in communication. All relevant information must be true in every sense. Honesty should be maintained throughout the communication process.

To create effective communication the sender should transfer messages tactfully.

Interest of the receiver:
Keeping the ‘You-view’ point in mind techniques should be applied to convince the receiver. That is interest of the receiver should be given priority.

Orderly presentation:
In case of verbal or written communication message should be presented orderly. If messages presented unsystematically the purpose of the communication cannot be fulfilled.

Neat and clean:
Last of all but not the least, communication must be neat and clean. It is not only necessary for the understanding of message but also acts as an indicator of the goodwill of the firm.

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