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Advantages of a business letter

Advantages of a business letter

Business Letter

Explain the importance/advantages of a business letter
Even a single day cannot be passed without a letter. In modern business concerns both routine and non-routine messages are exchanged through letters.
Advantages/importance of a business letter is as follows:
1. Acceptance:
as letter is a very popular means of written communication its acceptance is better than any other form of written communication.

2. Documentary evidence:
Letter has a legal status and it serves as documentary evidence.

3. Value creation:
Through sales and appeal letters an image or value of the firm can be created.

4. Access:
Letter is widely accepted tools for communication. It has easy access to any form of business.

5. Narrative:
Usually information or message explained in detail in the letter form of communication. Sometimes short report also can be prepared in letter format.

6. Transfer of ideas:
Thoughts and ideas also can be transferred through letters. One can easily convey his or her idea by a letter.

7. Announcement:
A letter can act as an announcer. Qualities of a product, introduction of a new product, any offer for the customer can be announced by a letter.

8. Guide:
Another advantage of letter is it can guide the action of the reader. Sometimes company authorities try to guide the activities of the workers through open letter.

9. Expansion of business:
Business letter are indispensible part of modern business. It is not just a tool for exchanging messages, rather it plays vital role for the expansion of a business.

10. Strengthen mutual relation:
Letters act as ambassador and help to strengthen mutual relationship among business men.

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