Sunday, November 13, 2011

Importance of a circular letter

The importance of a circular letter

Circular letters basically used to gain the support of the readers. It helps to promote the business. Major importances of a circular letter can be explained in the following manner:

1. Gain support:
circular letters help the firm to gain support of a large number of people for its products or services.

2. Promote goodwill:
Through circular letter people become aware of the service offered by a company. As a result it helps to promote the goodwill of the firm.

3. Increase of sales:
Another significant aspect of a circular letter is, it also helps to increase the volume of sales.

4. Cost saving:
As a large number of people can be informed through a circular letter, it is also helpful for saving the cost of publicity.

5. Expansion of Business:
As goodwill can be promoted through a circular letter, thus the scope of the business cab be expanded.

6. Introducing new products:
Circular letters play vital role in introducing new products or services to people.

7. Creation of consciousness:
Circular letters are renowned for creating consciousness among the people.

8. Establish Mutual Relationship:
Mutual relationship between the producer and consumers can be established through circular letters.

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