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Characteristics of Communication

Features of Communication

Communication is a dynamic process. Information can be exchanged through communication. The basic characteristics or features of communication are as follows :

At a Glance

6. Specific objectives

2.Transfer of message

3.Two or more persons

9.Dynamic Process


Information/Messages :
Information or message is the basic element of all types of communication. Communication takes place to transfer particular informational message.

Transfer of message: 
The main function of communication is to transfer particular message or information.

Two or more persons: 
Basically communication is a two way process. One person can not make successful communication. At least two persons are required to complete the communication process.

Without a media communication can not take place. Information can be transferred through written, verbal or non-verbal media.

Communication experts think that ‘no feedback-no communication’. Infect the communication cycle ends with feedback. For effective communication there must be a feedback from the receiver.

Specific objectives: 
Communication always made to satisfy a predetermined objective(s). That is in any type of communication there must be a specific purpose.

Communication must include both the transfer and understanding of messages. Only transfer of message can not complete the communication process. To be effective the transferred message must be understood by the receiver.

where there is communication there must be some kind of barriers. In real world we can not think of communication without barriers. Infact we are to make communication by overcoming the barriers.

Dynamic Process: 
Communication is not a static process, rather it is a dynamic process which has different steps.

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Perhaps the most important feature of communication is, if is an indispensable part of human life or social life. Without communication will be static.

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