Monday, November 28, 2011

What is Business letter?

What is Business letter?

What do you mean by a Business letter?
A letter is a formal piece of writing used to exchange information of various types. It acts like an ambassador. Perhaps letter is the most widely used means of written communication.

Business Letter

In business world letters used for different purposes; like placing orders, making inquiries’, making credit request, requesting claims and adjustment etc.

Letters used for business purposes can be termed as business letter. Business letters convey messages regarding various business activates.

In the words of H. A. Murphy and others, “The medium used most often for written messages to persons outside your organization is the business letter.”

W. J. Weston said, “Business letter is the process of accomplishing business transaction in written form.”

Thus it can be stated that business letters are used to initiate, carry out and to conclude business transactions.

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