Friday, November 11, 2011

What is circular letter?

What is a circular letter?

Briefly discuss the objectives of a circular letter.

Letter used to communicate specific message to a large audience is known as circular letter. Generally circular letters are used to inform a change of address, introducing a new product, informing price reduction, to inform admission of a new partner etc.

Thus it can be stated that letters that used to inform important or attractive news to a large group of people in the same time can be termed as circular letter.

Objective of Circular letter:
The basic objective of a circular letter is to inform something new or to obtain publicity for a product. Objectives of a circular letter are as follows:

1. To inform the introduction of a new product.
2. To inform the message of price reduction.
3. To inform opening of a new business center.
4. Informing the consumers about opening of a new branch.
5. Informing the concerned parties about admission of a partner.
6. To inform the message of introduction of new technology.
7. To convince the consumers regarding the quality of products.
8. To create confidence about the company.
9. To make publicity of any matter.

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