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Objectives of business Communication

Purposes of business Communication

Management of every business organization want to achieve organizational goal. The main purpose of communication is to aid management to achieve organizational goal. The other important purposes are stated below:
To make plan :
plan means to take decision what will be done in future. Sound communication system provide essential information and data to plan effectively.

To implement plan: 
Plan can be implemented on the basis of effective direction, motivation and control of the management through sound communication system.

To formulate policy: 
Essential information collected from various sources to formulate proper policy. Management depends on communication channels for this purpose.

To help controlling: 
Employees are bound to perform their duties and responsibilities in time and proper way under effective control of management. Effective communication system helps management to establish control on employees.

To motivate employees: 
The communication system helps every business organization to apply effective methods of motivation, such as, declare bonus for extra production, commission for extra sales, free medical facilities etc.

To direct: 
Management often provide necessary direction to subordinates through communication channels and thus subordinates can perform their duties smoothly.

To train employees: 
Essential professional trainings are given under sound communication system to develop the efficiency of employees.

To co-operate: 
Efficient communication system ensures mutual cooperation among management, employees, stockholders etc.

To create awareness: 
Sound communication system creates awareness among employees about their duties and responsibilities.

To improve relationship: 
Effective communication system creates good relationship between management employees and among the employees.

To exchange information: 
Internal and external parties exchange information among each other through the communication system.

To increase productivity : 
Sound communication system helps the management to increase productivity.

To increase sales: 
Management can increase sales through various media and channel of communication.

To solve problem: 
Proper communication helps to solve various problems, such as recruitment, promotion, transfer, etc.

To manage conflict: 
Another objective of communication is to manage internal conflicts. Conflicts can be solved by effective communication between the concerned parties.

Fig 1 : Objectives of Business Communication.
[Source : Bhuiyan, J. Hossan, Lec. sheet]

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