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Classification of business Report

Classification of business Report

Business reports can be of various types. On the basis of mode of presentation it can be oral or written. On the basis of degree of formality it can be formal or informal, formal reports again can be divided into two types (i) informational and (ii) analytical.

On the basis of the length of the reports can be depicted as follows:
(A) On the basis of mode of presentation:
Any report can be presented either in written from or in oral.
1. Oral report:
When report on a matter presented verbally or through oral media then it is known as oral report. In this case, after investigating the matter the investigator express his/her findings verbally to the top management. It is less effective because it cannot be used as documentary evidence.

2. Written report:
On the other hand when reports are presented in written form then it is called written report. Written reports are prepared by following specific format. It has documentary evidence.

(B) On the basis of degree of formality:
Business reports can be prepared either by following specific formats and formalities or it can be drafted informally without maintaining much formalities. Thus on the basis of degree of formality business reports can be of two types:
1. Formal:
Formal reports are usually detailed. It examines a complex problem in depth and provides recommendations. Formal reports are prepared accounting to specific formats. This type of report again can be divided in two categories:
(i) Informational:
This type of report presents information on particular topic but does not provide any explanation and recommendations.

Example: Annual reports, progress reports of taskforces, etc.

(ii) Analytical:
Analytical reports not only present and analyze data but also interpret the data and make recommendation. Usually critical problems are analyzed through analytical repots.
Example: Feasibility reports, request approval, evaluation of investment project, etc.

2. Informal:
These types of reports are prepared to assists routine managerial functions. These reports are usually written by subordinates. Informal reports are short in length and written in letter or memo, format. These reports are less planned.

(C) On the basis of length:
On the basis of length, repot can be of two types:
1. Short Report:
Interim progress reports, personal activity repot, etc. are examples of short report. Length of these reports can be on page or several pages. Routine reports are shot in length. Less time is allotted for the preparation of this type of report.

2. Long report:
Length of long report may be more than hundred pages depending on the nature and importance of the matter.
In depth analysis is made to prepare a long report. It is time consuming and formal in nature.


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