Monday, November 7, 2011

How to draft a complaint?

How to draft a complaint?

Discuss the guidelines for drafting the complaint letter
Or, what factors should be considered for an effective complaint letter?
Complaint letter is different from other letters, because her claim is to be made carefully without hurting the receiver of the letter.

Following factors should be considered in drafting a complaint letter.
1. Polite language:
Writer should use polite and soft language in a complaint letter.

2. Formal tone:
Tone of the letter need to be formal because the writer needs to be compensated through adjustment.

3. Completeness:
Incomplete complaint letters creates confusion and misunderstanding. Thus it should be complete.

4. Courteous:
Success of a complaint letter largely depends on the courteous tone of the letter.

5. Specific:
Claim should be made specifically.

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6. Explanation:
Problems or causes of claim need to be properly explained.

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