Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What is letter of Inquiry?

What is letter of Inquiry?

Define letter of Inquiry. Discuss the features of an inquiry letter
When business people write letters asking any information then it is known as inquiry letter. A large volume of the daily correspondence of a firm occupied by inquiry letters.

Information can be asked regarding quality price and availability of the product. This type of letter also can be written by making status inquiry. Status inquiry letters seek for information regarding a person.

Features of inquiry letter:
1. Starts with direct and polite request.
2. Asked for information.
3. Provide explanation for the requirement of information.
4. Confidentiality.
5. Specific objective.
6. Supported by reply letter.
7. Asking information within specific time.
8. Specific format on structure.
9. Formal language.
10. Cordial closing.

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