Friday, November 11, 2011

Differences between official and semi-official letters

What are the differences between official and semi-official letters?

Difference between official and semi-official letters is as follows:

Official letters
Semi-official letters
When letters are written on official matters then it is known as official letter.
When a letter conveys both official and personal information in the same time then it is known as semi-official letter.
2. Tone
Tone of an official letter is formal.
Semi-official letters follow an informal tone.
It follows specific structure.
Specific structure is not followed.
Depends on the designation of the receiver.
Salutation depends on the personal relationship between sender and receiver.
5.Reference number
Reference number is used in an official letter.
Use of reference number is not required.
Length of an official letter is normally short.
Length of semi-official letter is larger than that of an official letter.
Necessary documents can be enclosed.
Enclosure is not required.
8.Number of receiver
Number of receiver may be more than one.
Number of receiver is one.
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