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A good business letter

A good business letter

What are the essentials of an effective business letter?
Or, what factors should be considered to draft an effective business letter?
Or, discuss the qualities of a good business letter.

A business letter is like an ambassador which conveys message to the reader to achieve predetermined objectives. But due to poor planning messages may be wrongly interpreted by the reader and the objective may not be achieved. To write an effective business letter following factors should be considered:

A Business Letter

1. Well defined objectives:
There is an old saying ‘an aimless ship never able to reach the destination’. In case of business letter- a letter without specific objectives is meaningless. Thus to be effective business letters need to have well defined objective(s).

2. Clear concept:
If the writer does not have clear concept about the subject matter then it will be very difficult on his/her part to make the subject matter understandable to the reader.

3. Evaluation of reader’s position:
This is perhaps the most important thing that should be taken into consideration to draft an effective letter. The attitude, cultural and religious background, educational level, level of understanding etc. of the reader is likely to be different from those of the writer. That is why, to be successful the writer must try to get idea about the aforesaid aspects of the reader.

4. Accuracy/Correctness:
There is nothing painful than preparing letter with wrong information. It not only fail to achieve the goal but also detrimental for the goodwill of the firm. Thus correctness of the message must be ensured.

5. The ‘you’ view:
To ensure effective writing the writer should put himself/herself in the reader’s place. And then try to realize how the reader will respond to the letter.

6. Clarity:
Letter should be drafted clearly and there not be any sort of ambiguity.

7. Completeness:
It means messages should be presented in such a way that helps the reader to understand what the writer actually wanted to convey. Incomplete messages not only create confusion but also can damage the mutual relationship.

8. Conciseness:
Business people are very busy; they don’t want to be disturbed by unnecessary messages. That is why to be effective business letter should be concise.

9. Courteous:
To create a favorable atmosphere and to draw the interest of the reader the tone of the business letter must be courteous.

10. Tactful:
There is no need of tactfulness in drafting an order letter, but writer must be tactful in drafting persuasive, complaints and adjustment letters.

11. Persuasion:
To convince the reader or to motivate him/her to do some favor business letters must be written in a persuasive tone.

12. Promptness:
In case of reply letter response should be made immediately.

13. Positive approach:
The writer has to be optimistic regarding the achievement of the goal. Thus throughout the letter a positive tone must be present. Positive approach not only helps to convince the reader but also express the confidence of the writer.

14. Planed:
The writing letter is a conscious human activity, thus to be successful it should be planed.

15. Relevance:
Irrelevant sentence, not only occupy the space of the paper but also creates boredom in the mind of the reader.

16. Use of simple language:
To be effective business letter should avoid the use of difficult words and jargons. Simple and plain language should be used to clarify the message.

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