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Types of Secretaries

Classification of Secretaries

Briefly discuss Types of Secretaries
Depending on the authority and nature of job secretaries can be of two types:

(A) Private Secretary.
(B) Secretary of an organization

Details classification of secretaries can be shown by the following configuration:

                                                       1. Personal assistant
    (A) Private Secretary: > > >                  ↓↓↓
                                                       2. Confidential assistant.

                                                                       1. Company secretary
     (B) Secretary of an organization >>>     2. Governmental Secretary
                                                                       3. Secretary of an association

(A) Private Secretary:
A private secretary is employed by an individual. The basic function of a private secretary is to asset the routine work of his/her employer and maintaining correspondence with the concerned parties. Position and duties of a private secretary are not guided by any law or act.

Function of a private secretary also differs depending on the type of the job of his/her employer. For example, function of the private secretary of a Chartered Accountant and that of a Political leader cannot be similar.

Private Secretary can be of two types:
1. Personal assistant
2. Confidential assistant

1. Personal assistant:
Major tasks of a personal assistant are to attend visitors, maintain the appointment schedule for his/her employer, steno typing, receiving telephone calls, managing tours, etc.

2. Confidential assistant:
Status of a confidential assistant is higher than that of a personal assistant. He is more than a mere steno typist, he does confidential work for his boss. (J.P. Boss: 1991)

(B)Secretary of an organization
A secretary of an organization is not employed by an individual, rather employed by the organization; the position of a secretary of an organization is legally defined by the constitution of that organization. Infect such a secretary is an indispensable part of the administration of the organization.
On the basis of the nature of the organization secretary can be of three types:

1. Company secretary
2. Governmental secretary
3. Secretary of an association

1. Company secretary:
Having a legal position a company secretary is a part of the top management of a company. The appointment, duties, liabilities and removal procedures of a company secretary are specifically prescribed in the companies act. As mentioned in the companies Act, a company secretary has to play the role of office executive as well as a liaison officer.

2. Governmental secretary:
A governmental secretary is the administrative head of a specific ministry of the government. His/her immediate boss is the ‘minister’ of that ministry. Thus a governmental secretary’s position is next to the minister. Governmental secretaries are appointed by the public service commission. A governmental secretary also needs to play dual role:

(i) administrative functions and (ii) advisory functions.

3. Secretary of an association:
Unlike the secretary of a company, the appointment, functions etc, of the secretary of an association is not guided by any law.

Secretary of an association may be appointed or elected as per the constitution of that association. Functions of this types of secretary is to maintain routine work, maintain register of the members, preserving minute book, preparing reports, maintain correspondence with the members and concerned parties.

Besides these, there are other types of secretaries, like secretary of a cooperative society, secretary of a club, secretary of charitable and philanthropic organization etc.

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(A) Private Secretary:
1. Personal assistant
2. Confidential assistant
(B) Secretary of an organization:
1. Company secretary
2. Governmental Secretary
3. Secretary of an association.

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