Friday, November 11, 2011

What is meeting?

What is meeting?

Define meeting. What are the requisites for a valid meeting?
What are the preconditions for a valid meeting?

Meeting means gathering of two or more people to take a decision on particular matter by sharing their views.

In the words of Thill and Bovee “Meetings are called to solve problems or share information’s”.

In a company there are different types of meetings, viz. statutory meeting, annual general meeting, extra ordinary general meeting, and class meeting etc. Meetings are very useful for making decisions. Co-ordination among different department also improved through meetings.

Preconditions of a valid meeting: 

A valid meeting should have the following elements:

  1. Legal objectives.
  2. Convened by proper authority.
  3. Serving proper notice in proper time.
  4. Presence of authorized person.
  5. Presided over by a chairman.
  6. Specific agenda
  7. Quorum.

1. Legal objectives:
Any meeting must have legal objectives. Meetings on illegal or unethical purposes can not be valid in the eye of law.

2. Convened by proper authority:
A valid meeting should be contended by the proper authority of the company.

3. Serving proper notice in proper time:
Notice of a meeting must be served timely by maintaining rules and regulations of the companies act.

4. Presence of authorized person:
To make a meeting valid person who is entitled to present in a particular type of meeting should be present in the meeting.

5. Presided over by a chairman:
A valid meeting should be presided over by a chairman who will be selected by the members.

6. Specific agenda:
A detail agenda should be prepared before the meeting and the meeting should be operated by following agenda.
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7. Quorum:
Quorum is the minimum number of persons that must be present in the meeting to make it valid.

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