Friday, November 11, 2011

What is semi official letter?

What is semi official letter?

Define semi-official letter. Briefly discuss the features of semi-official letter.

Semi-official letter is a combination of personal letter and official letter. When a letter conveys both official and personal information in the same time-then it is known as semi-official letter.

1. Tone:
Tone of a semi-official letter is not formal. A friendly and informal tone is used in this type of letter.

2. Structure:
Here specific structure is not followed.
3. Salutation:
Salutation of a semi-official letter depends on the personal relation between the sender and receiver.

4. Evidence:
Semi-official letter can be used as evidence and also can be used for future references.

5. Reference number:
Usually no reference number is given in a semi-official letter.

6. Length:
Length of a semi-official letter can be larger than that of an official letter.

7. Enclosure:
In a semi-official letter enclosure is not required.

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8. Number of receivers:
As personal matters also included in a semi-official letter, number of receiver is one.

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