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Importance, Usefulness, Advantages of Business Communication

Importance, Usefulness, Advantages of Business Communication

Functions of Business Communication
There is a strong relationship between successful communication and employee satisfaction. Thus effective communication is a precondition for job satisfaction as well as for the better productivity of an organization.
Prof. Keith Davis rightly said that, “Communication is necessary to perpetuate (Preserve) the health of the organization.

When communication is effective it tends to encourage better performance and job satisfaction. (David Pircus - 1986 )

The important functions of business communication are as follows:

In decision making:
Managerial decisions affect the very existence of the organization. Thus managers need timely and useful information to make proper decision. Without a sound communication system useful information can not be provided timely.

In making plan:
Effective plans are indispensable for the achievement of the organizational goal and an effective communication network is essential for making effective plans.

Implementation of plan:
A very good plan may go in vain if the plan is not properly implemented. Top management make the plan but employees and subordinates implement it. Thus a proper communication system can ensure proper implementation of a plan.

In policy formulation:
management collect essential information from various sources through communication channels and formulates policies.

In controlling:
Superior established command and control on their subordinates through downward communication.

In motivation:
Superiors use various tools of communication to motivate their subordinates and then subordinates are encouraged to work in proper way.

In direction:
Superior often direct their subordinates through communication channels, and chain of command is established on the whole organization.

In cooperation:
Co-operative environment is created by proper communication system.

In co-ordination:
Communication co-ordinates between management and employees.

In sharing ideas:
Interested parties can share their ideas in proper way through sound communication system.

In solving problem:
Communication plays vital role to solve various problems and complexities of business.

In minimizing cost and time:
Communication channels provide latest information and aid to management to minimize cost and save time.

In product development:
management collect latest information about customers, choice, demand , ability etc and develop their product to attract prospective customers.

In creating awareness:
Proper communication helps to create awareness among employees about their duties and responsibilities.

In public relation:
Communication helps to establish proper relation with customers, creditors, shareholders, govt, tax authorities etc.

In ensuring teamwork: Communication makes whole organization as a team. Teamwork ensure organizational development.

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Away of keep mind in Importance, Usefulness, Advantages of Business Communication
Or Functions of Business Communication.

1st Part : There is a strong relationship between------------------------------
Said of Keith Davis: ----------------------------
2nd Part : the 16 points of Importance, Usefulness, Advantages of Business --- Communication Or Functions of Business Communication.

1. In decision making
2. In making plan
3. Implementation of plan
4. In policy formulation
5. In controlling
6. In motivation
7. In direction
8. In co-operation
9. In co-ordination
10. In sharing ideas
11. In solving problem
12. In minimizing cost and time
13. In product development
14. In creating awareness
15. In public relation
16. In ensuring teamwork.

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