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The first, middle and last Paragraphs of a business letter

The first, middle and last Paragraphs of a business letter

Discuss the functions of the first, middle and last Paragraphs of a business letter
Irrespective of the nature of the message almost all types of letter have a common structure, which is as follows:
Fig -12: Common formal of a letter

Different paragraphs have different functions. Though all the paragraphs are parts of a same letter and planed to achieve same objectives but act differently.

Functions of the First Paragraph:
As the reader first will go through this paragraph so it has some special functions. Function of the first paragraph is as follows:
1. Draw attention:
To make the reader attentive and to obtain reader’s interest the introduction paragraph is arranged with such attractive and eye-catcher sentences.

2. Mention the purpose of the letter:
In short, the basic purpose of the letter is mentioned in the first paragraph to inform the reader about the subject matter of the letter.

3. Create a positive impression:
The introduction paragraph leads the letter to the destination. Thus a favorable impression needs to be created through the first paragraph.

4. Refer to the previous correspondence:
If the letter is written in connection to a previous letter then reference should be mentioned.

Function of the Middle paragraph:
It is the heart of a letter. Detailed information is mentioned in this section. Causes and explanations are included in the middle paragraph. This is also known as the text or body of the letter.
Function of the middle paragraphs are as follows:
1. Explanation of the objective of the letter:
The basic function of the middle paragraph is to provide explanation of the purpose of the letter.

2. Provide supporting information:
Information regarding past references, timing of activity, nature of action need to be taken and other relevant information are also provided in the middle paragraph.

3. Explain the causes of the action:
Usually in most of the business letters request made to the reader to take a particular action or actions.
In middle paragraphs explanation also provided why such action need to be taken.

Functions of the last paragraph:
In the last paragraph usually a formal and courteous request is made to the reader to take action.
Functions of the last paragraph are as follows:
1. Request to take action:
There is a saying “all’s well that ends well” – a letter having a very good introductory and properly explained middle paragraph may failed to achieve the desired goal just for a poor closing paragraph.
Thus, a final cordial request should be made in the last paragraph to encourage the reader to take action.

2. Courteous closing:
The letter needs to be closed with a courteous tone. It creates favorable impact in the mind of the reader and boost up the image of the eompany.

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