Friday, November 11, 2011

Features of circular letter

characteristics of circular letter

Explain the characteristics or features of a circular letter

Unique features a circular letter is as follows:
1. Attractiveness:
Major goal of circular letter is to obtain the attention of people, thus it must be attractive enough to draw the interest of mass.

2. Courtesy:
Tone of a circular letter must be courteous.

3. Mutual interest:
A circular letter must be drafted highlighting the benefits of all the concerned parties.

4. Easy language:
Language of a circular letter should be easy and ambiguity must be avoided.

5. Conciseness:
Circular letters follow the principle of ‘little be beautiful’; that is only relevant subjects need to be included in a circular letter.

6. Explain interest/Benefit:
A circular letter should explain the benefit or interest of the target group in detail.

7. Specific purpose(s):
A circular letter should be written to serve specific purpose or purposes.

8. Tone of confidence:
To accomplish the desired goal circular letters should express a tone of confidence.
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