Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What is informal communication?

What is informal communication?

Define informal communication. What are the characteristics of informal communication?

Formal channels are not only media of communication. In an organization a considerable portion of communication are completed through informal channels. Communication without using formal channel is known as informal communications.

In the words of Thill and Bovee, “informal communication travels along the organization’s unofficial lines of activity and power.”

S.P. Robbins said, “Informal communication if free to move of any direction, skip authority levels and is as likely to satisfy group members, social needs.”

In short informal communication takes place among different level of employees by-passing the formal network.
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Characteristics/Features of informal communication:
1. Organizational hierarchy not followed
2. Free flow of information
3. Rapid communication
4. Information may be distorted
5. Lack of evidence.

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